Instagram Scrape (2022) ("Doxagram")
by vanz - Friday June 16, 2023 at 10:02 PM
I don't know where this scrape is from. I don't think it's actually related to Doxagram. Instead it is just the name given to the leak in the old BF thread? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Record count: 17,017,213

Leaked data: User ID, Full Name, Username, Email Address, Phone Number, Physical Address

{"t":"+12489821211","u":"lourdes_cpt","e":"[email protected]","id":"11642611","n":"Lourdes Osorio"}
{"u":"jsoartistik_","id":"2043289409","n":"Jacob TheArtis"}
{"u":"justin.amplife","id":"1631833965","n":"Justin De Beer"}
{"u":"nyoti34","e":"[email protected]","id":"229919295","n":"Qonka"}
{"u":"telmer2","id":"3934036360","n":"Timothy Elmer"}
{"u":"dave_w93","id":"2924959441","n":"Dave Williams"}
{"u":"marvin_moses","id":"1932124487","n":"Marvin Moses"}
{"u":"djz.22","id":"6918557494","n":"David J Zaccagnini"}
{"u":"dee_mama_","id":"1455690743","n":"Denise Terrazas"}
{"u":"sweetngreen_cafe","e":"[email protected]","id":"8459287766","n":"Sweetngreen Caf Ennis"}
{"u":"mofarah.fanpage","e":"[email protected]","id":"8981854280"}
{"t":"+48602816506","u":"innka.a","e":"[email protected]","id":"2224799990","n":"Karina Minorczyk"}
{"u":"livelaughbeast","id":"516179378","n":"Christopher Anthony"}
{"e":"[email protected]","id":"191308824","n":"Taryn"}
{"t":"+12672069738","u":"crownmelocks","e":"[email protected]","id":"5792214851","n":"Crown Me Locks"}
{"u":"eemberr__","e":"[email protected]","id":"3450630327","n":"KC BBY"}
{"u":"sg.murph","e":"[email protected]","id":"7809466744"}
{"t":"+12546302495","u":"4ephilly","e":"[email protected]","id":"218143495"}
{"e":"[email protected]","id":"1998280121","n":"Nina V"}
{"u":"janinahrt","id":"175440253","n":"Smile, youre beautiful"}
{"t":"+491712372640","u":"emilka_boh","e":"[email protected]","id":"1465644843","n":"Emilia"}
{"u":"schaus.ronny","id":"3149299898","n":"Schaus Ronny"}
{"u":"nikkieffer","id":"1601778243","n":"Nik Kieffer"}
{"u":"photokasel","e":"[email protected]","id":"6323616541","n":"Gil KASEL Photography"}
{"u":"hari_hr_easy","id":"3460410467","n":"Hari Narayan"}
{"u":"faiyazahmadiesgamail.com_","id":"4284551808","n":"Md Faiyaz"}
{"u":"saurav2395","id":"2137511333","n":"Saurav Pandey"}
{"u":"jadhav._avinash_007","id":"4265243284","n":"Avinash Jadhav AJ"}
{"t":"+917783071169","u":"arifrazaa09","e":"[email protected]","id":"1994988436","n":"Arif Raza"}
{"u":"attractive_chhora_mukesh","id":"4186183717","n":"Mukesh Gupta"}
{"u":"gorkemsahin.official_34","id":"4636985664","n":"Grkem ahin"}
{"u":"shubham.anjan","id":"4932094641","n":"Shubham Anjan"}
{"u":"gausazamshah","id":"4787188778","n":"Gausazam Shah"}
{"u":"kayumshah465","e":"[email protected]","id":"5638921404","n":"kayum shah"}
{"u":"nilesh_king0","id":"5674265581","n":"Nilesh Singh"}
{"u":"salim.akhtar.94849","id":"6489790945","n":"Salim Akhtar"}
{"u":"khanazizking","id":"6783374775","n":"Aziz khan azad azuu"}
{"a":"Nagpur 440013 Nagpur IN","u":"mr.vinz_1","e":"[email protected]","id":"3300132031"}
{"u":"francy_girasole_","id":"492520838","n":"Francesca Rocco"}
{"u":"elahe_fayezi","e":"[email protected]","id":"7415546310"}
{"u":"panjigiovani_29","e":"[email protected]","id":"8728452462","n":"jjjiii"}

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thank you
This is fake fyi, I don't think the real doxagram has been leaked.
Only insta doxagram i'm aware of is of celebrities
(06-17-2023, 12:21 AM)emo Wrote: This is fake fyi, I don't think the real doxagram has been leaked.
Read the first post. I said that I don't know where this is from, this was just the name given to it in the previous BF thread. The data within seems legit, however, even if it's not from Doxagram.

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did joel ortiz find this bug? or his friends?
he did post proof of concept on his channel
(can't ask him cuz he's in prison)
thank you
thanks man
thanks for sharing !

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