Spoofing Gps at device, not at browser, for some CA online casinos
by Churk - Wednesday February 7, 2024 at 03:37 PM
There are couple of Canadian nline casinos I have certain funds in accounts, but if I open them through Rdp in Canada, or real device in Canada through tv/ad or smth, it detects the ports of connection and it didn't allowed me to procced.  In certain AntiDetect browsers with clean socks I managed to login, and to spoof gps in browser

but then
casino sites are asking me to download their app which can check my gps on device
it doesnt matter if i spoof it in browser, need to find way of spoofing gps directly on device
was thinking maybe to try it with vektort13 antidetect, or something simmilar where we are setting entire vm with that gps
but i didnt tried it yet

one of my aditional ideas was through teamviewer at actual device in Canada but it didn't worked

looking for any solution
will give reward

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